The gradual development of eras and its variables in people’s lifestyle, and their transition from the primitive life to the modern one impose a new reality which differs in form and substance from the former one. Houses are no longer as carved mountains. Barriers are no longer made from knitted wool.

The concept of construction has been changed and developed. Architecture and engineering has become academic subjects in universities. Furthermore, architecture and engineering’s approaches are used to build bridges and skyscrapers according to ratio and proportion. Trade fairs have been used to keep buildings for hundred years. The form of the building and its substance became a part in the progress of nations and a measure of urbanization.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also has participated in urbanization by establishing leader institutions and companies in engineering and architecture.

We are in the Middle East office of the engineering studies were pioneers, now we are making tomorrow’s stage / industry. Our engineering office has established in Mecca in 1973 with aspecialized team of engineering and technical cadres who were able to provide advisory solutions and contributed in the construction of of architectural towers and engineering masterpieces for over 41 years of work and achievements.

At the end, we will be tireless in providing the best consulting, services and solutions to satisfy our customers and gain their confidence with the help of our expertise and staff.